Michelle Joni: Before and Afro

I'm sure most of you have heard about Michelle Joni, but if you haven't, she's the Caucasian  lady who decided to wear an artificial Afro wig and blog about her experience here. When I first heard about her, I took it normally, like who cares, everybody wears a fun wig once in their life. Then I started hearing about her even more and decided to take a look at her blog.

Her intended goals listed on her site
I personally find her mission to be stupid, because you can't teach someone to fall in love with themselves by looking like another person. A lot of the things she says are also out of ignorance, and a lot of people of different races have taking offense to it, even Caucasians. 

In her post fro'd chicken, she mentioned that a Fried Chicken Extravaganza was "obviously an occasion to wear a fro" then another post she stated "I know that women of color do not have the option of taking off their fro at night to have long, soft, blonde hair."  As if the title "fro'd chicken" isn't a tad bit ignorant already. If she really was doing it to make people love themselves, then she would have stopped blogging about it by now. I say if she wants to wear an Afro, she can do it, but without the attention seeking and ignorance, or at least getting a more realistic wig.


  1. She needs Jesus! Well we all do but good grief!

  2. I'm not going to give her a hit by visiting the site. Most likely a stunt to cause controversy and get attention. She's ridiculous.


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