Fierce Fro Feature: Jocelyn Minta

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How long have you been natural? 

2 years 9 months

What's your hair story?  

I decided to go natural when my elder sister made me watch natural hair videos on YouTube and I told myself "I will give myself 10 years to grow my natural hair because I had relaxed my hair for 10 years and shoulder length is all I got" lol

How do you feel about your hair? 

I really love my hair especially when it's in its curly form.

What are some of your favorite products?  

I use my own product line which is the Sheabeutimia Natural Skin and Hair Care line. In terms of Shampoo, I use the Conditioning Shampoo. Conditioner: Hemp Moisturising Conditioner. Deep Conditioner: Sheabeutimia Protein Repair Mask which will be out soon. Moisturizer: Any of the Sheabeutimia Hair Creams. DIY: I was using yogurt to deep treat my hair in the beginning but recently I realised the protein in the yogurt is too strong for my hair thus made my hair break after using it. So now my DIYs are mostly hair rinses. Sealant: I love the Sheabeutimia Growth Serum. Styler: Sheabeutimia Crambe Growth Cream, this cream makes my hair very manageable and enhances my curls such that I cannot do without it.

Jocelyn's products
Describe your hair regimen  

My hair regimen is quite simple. If I am not doing a mini twist challenge which lasts for a month then I make sure to do a weekly wash. My Regimen: I deep condition every week, apply my leave-in which I have mixed with my serum everyday to moisturize my hair. Sometimes I do the baggy method or just put on a shower cap when at home after moisturizing.

What are your favorite hairstyles?  

Puffs, Two Strand Twists, Fringe.

What has been the hardest part of your natural hair journey? 

The hardest part of my journey was when my hair was so short that I couldn't do anything with it. Being natural has taught me to be confident and to develop my skill of mixing ingredients.

Where can you be found on the web?

What tips/suggestions do you have for other naturals/transitioners?

My advice to other naturals/transitioners is “be yourself for they are fearfully and wonderfully made.”

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