DIY: Summer Ready Facial

It's official summer starts tomorrow! Has school, work, wind and everything in between given you a beat down? Well, I got you. Before you decide to book out your summer days; give your face a pick me up with this easy facial.

What you'll need:

Egg white of one egg
2 tbsps of cornmeal
7 drops of Rose hip oil (or oil of choice)
2 drops of Vanilla essential (or scent of choice)

Mess level:

1. Poke a small hole into your egg and allow the white to drain in a container. Do not discard of the yolk you can use it for a cake or simply scramble it.
2. Add cornmeal, rose hip oil and vanilla.
3. Combine. The texture of this will be a paste. (Smells like cake if you use vanilla essential)
4. Apply to face and neck.
5. Gently massage face and neck while the scrub is still on
6. Allow to dry onto face. You'll know when it's time to wash your face has you'll experience stiffness of the face. Also the scrub will be less sticky and more dry to the touch.
7. Rinse scrub from face and proceed with one's respective facial regime.

Rose hip oil is a nourishing oil that assists with damage and cell renewal. It was noted that it's a big plus in helping with wrinkles. Egg whites rids large pores, rashes, fine lines and maintains the elasticity of the skin. Cornmeal exfoliates. Vanilla essential was added to cut down on the scent of the egg.

Happy facial
God bless you

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