Green Tea & Black Tea To Reduce Hair Shedding

Shed hair for 1 month

   In my WASHING TRANSITIONING KID'S HAIR WITH PARNEVU post, I showed a picture of how much shed hair my little sister got over the course of a month, which is usually rare for transitioning hair, as it sheds and breaks easily. 

Truth is her hair used to shed a lot (like every time she would touch her hair, you'd see numerous strands of hair come out), so I began to do tea rinses on her hair. I started with green tea, then would sometimes use black tea or a combination of both.

Black or green tea is an excellent way to stop our hair from shedding as much. This is because it contains caffeine which blocks DHT, (dihydrotestosterone) a hormone which is responsible for hair loss and makes it impossible for healthy hair to thrive. Black tea also darkens the hair and gives it strength and shine.

I shampoo or co-wash her hair, then rinse it out with the warm brewed tea, then apply conditioner over it and let it sit for 3-5 mins, rinse with cool water and apply a blend of EVCO (Extra Virgin Coconut Oil) and EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil).

The tea rinses were done bi-monthly at first, then slowed down to once a month, and now they're done as needed. If you want you can let the tea sit for a while before you apply the conditioner over it. It is important that when doing the tea rinse you do not opt for decaffeinated tea as the caffeine in the tea is the integral component of the rinse.

If you are experiencing a lot of shedding or if you will like to minimise the amount of hair shed, a tea rinse might just be the remedy you are seeking. A great alternative for non DIYers is the ApHogee Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer.

Have you ever tried a tea rinse? What was your experience?
What are some ways you reduce shedding?

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