My Natural Hair Story

During my childhood in Nigeria, I had long, thick thriving hair, even while relaxed. I don't remember much about my hair, except getting plaited or in a threaded hairstyle for school every two weeks, relaxing once every 2-3 months, and visitors coming over to our house and touching my hair. 

When I turned 10, I had to shave off all my hair for boarding school (I'm sure most Nigerian girls can relate) and I cried and told my mom I hated her after the deed was done. I was embarrassed for the first few weeks, but it did help noticing everyone else at school had a low cut too. 

In 2007, shortly after I turned 13, I moved to the US and was able to grow out my hair, but I started getting relaxers immediately. My hair always came out looking texlaxed, no matter how strong the relaxer was, or how long I left it in for.
2009 (2 years relaxed)

In 2009, I joined colorguard, and due to my schedule, I forgot about getting touch ups, and soon after got a mini haircut
October 2010

and then a big one!
December 2010

I had no idea what I intended to do with my new cut, but I was loving the compliments I had received so far.  I eventually shaved my head after my high school graduation and moved to ohio.
 Sadly I was a bit shy to show off my bald cut, so I wore wigs for the first few months, and three months later voila!
Dec 2011

Jan 2012 My first twist out set

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