Women Of Color Calender

I got an offer to be in The women of color calender, a small annual project in Columbus Ohio. I was nervous, but I decided to give it a go.

The night before, I had told one of my friends I was going to be in a women of color calender, and she told me that I wasn't a woman of color, but one with color, implying that I was a dark skinned woman with a "white girl personality" which I took to offense...*sighs* I just wish racial stereotypes would die already!
This on is my personal favorites!(:

 Somewhere during the photoshoot, the photographer had me sit on the grass...by the end of the shoot, my thighs and arms had broken out in hives :(

 I sure had a lot of fun though, and the park was so beautiful!
It was really windy and sunny, but my hair was good to me, thanks to Eco Styler and bobby pins!


  1. Hello dear and thank you for the comment! I see you are a beautiful natural fashionista too!! Love the way look on the side of your fro! Stay in touch--I am following you! ;)



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