Benefits Of Safflower Oil

I use this brand from whole Foods ( 32 OZ. $4.98)
Safflower oil is one of my three tops oils, I use it on my skin, in my oil mixtures, for cooking, my deep treatments, to seal in moisture, as a heat protectant, and much more. It is a very light oil that promotes healthy hair growth and thickness, while acting as a great all natural heat protectant because it can withhold heat up to 445 °F (229.4°C) . 
Safflower oil is highly rich in polyunsaturated fats, containing 77% linoleic acid (omega-6) Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)), 10% saturated fats, and 13% oleic acid (omega-9s - monosaturates). It also comprises high levels of vitamin E, alpha-tocopherol and phytosterols, and so helps in preventing and treating EFA deficiencies in the body. 

Additional Benefits Of Safflower Oil
For Dry/Color Treated/Relaxed or permed Hair:  Safflower Oil is rich in EFA which makes it one of the best and cost effective oils for essentially dry and chemically treated hair. Safflower oil is also great as a hot oil or pre-poo treatment. I have a mixture of 6 OZ. safflower oil, 1.9 OZ. sunflower oil, and .1 OZ. Eucalyptus oil in an 8 OZ. applicator bottle that I apply onto my skin right after my shower. I also put some in my hair after I re-apply my conditioner when I co-wash, then I rinse with cold water.

For Weight Loss:  safflower oil has shown to enhance bodily metabolic activities and at the same time, decrease body fat accumulation. Once taken in the body, this oil promotes the secretion of adiponectin hormone to about 20 percent than the normal levels. This hormone plays a major role in regulating the fatty acid catabolism of the body. And with an increased adiponectin level, fat burning takes place at a faster rate. These weight loss effects are observed irrespective of any changes in the regular diet and exercise program.

To Lose Belly Fat:  The Ohio State University performed a study among obese women who were in their post menopausal years, and discovered that safflower oil is effectual for losing accumulated fats from the torso portion of the body (to about 6.3 percent). The speed of losing fat remains uniform, which is rarely observed with other weight loss remedies. The final result of the study also mentioned that safflower oil helps in gaining lean muscle mass, which is beneficial for women who have passed their menopausal stages.

Anti-Aging and Heart Healthy Benefits of Safflower Oil:  Safflower oil is low in saturated fats and very high in unsaturated fats making it a healthy choice for the heart and cardiovascular system. It is a good source of omega-6 fatty acids, which also help to the body to burn fat instead of storing it. These essential fatty acids are building blocks for prostaglandins in the body. Prostaglandins are hormone-like substances that help to balance blood pressure, control muscle contractions and guide the inflammatory response by the immune system.
The high content of vitamin E in safflower oil makes it an antioxidant-rich food that cleanses the body of free radicals. Free radicals cause damage and aging in cells and increase the risk of heart disease and cancer.

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