Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response Review

This is not a hair product review, but I kinda sorta have to do this. I recently tried out the Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response Deodorant that I received from Influenster , and I'm here to share it with you! Quick information about influenster,  they are a company sends you new products from companies in order for the company to get a consumer reviews and make their product release popular. Well that is my own summary for what influenster is at least. All in all, they are a great company and send out good Voxboxes.

Now onto my review
Product Claims: Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response fights all three causes of sweat – including the worst smelling cause, stress sweat • Secret’s studies show women can sweat on average 30 times more when stressed than normal.


  • Smells great! Very citrus-y
  • Keeps your pits dry for the most part, even during workouts!
  • Is waterproof and great for those with hyperhidrosis and prescription antiperspirants irritate your skin
  • Made with aluminum in which recent studies has been shown to cause breast cancer
  • A little expensive for the amount you get (1.6 OZ for $8 - $10)
  • Irritated my sensitive skin
  • Left stain on clothes
Final Verdict: I personally would never purchase this product, I would rather use my regular deodorant and body spritz, although it does what it claims, I just can't risk having irritated skin and getting breast cancer. 

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