Fitness Friday: Daily Health & Fitness Challenge

The goal for this challenge is to log in at least 30 miles by the end of the four-week (approx 30 day) plan. Just be sure to listen to your body during your workouts. If a recommended workout is too intense, or too many miles, scale it back to meet your body’s needs. I will be doing this by running, walking, spinning and elliptical usage. 

I personally don't eat much junk food, but I do occasionally get severe cravings, and when I do, it can be hard to resist! So I will be cutting it out and eating fruits or oats and granola when I crave anything junk. I've also gone the extra mile and switched to an organic and semi gluten free diet, and so far I love it!

In addition to the 30 miles in 30 days, I will also ensure that I do a full body workout. My goal is to tone and tighten as a I burn fat. This will give me a chance to explore more workouts, enhance my squatting skills...which are sadly very low right now, and join in on groups exercises or fitness classes

I've been taking multivitamins and biotin, but I wants to increase my natural vitamin intake through fruits and veggies. So I will make sure I eat 5 servings of either fruits or veggies everyday. I'm excited because I love smoothies and broccoli, so that means more for me! :)

I love tea so much because it makes me calm and serene, it also gives me that pick me up I need sometimes, and that is why my pantry stays stacked with all kinds of teas with weird names. lolI will be drinking glasses of tea daily. As for fiber, I didn't notice how much my diet lacked this, so I just had to give up my Frosted Flakes for Fiber One, and so far the only thing I regret is the cost. 

What are some of the things you've given up or started doing to challenge yourself towards living a healthier life?

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