Fitness Friday: Affordable Workout Equipments

I did a post a while back about Getting Fit On A Budget, so today I thought I'd share with you some cheap "equipments" I use to exercise when I do not feel like going to the gym.
Gold's Gym, Nylon, Jump Rope, walmart, cheap jump ropes
Gold's Gym Nylon Jump Rope $2.99 at Walmart
Jump Rope: This is by far the cheapest, most portable, and most effective cardio equipment anyone could ever own! Jumping rope is a great way to enhance cardiovascular health, strength, endurance and tone those muscles all at once. Jumping rope for 30 minutes burns at about300 calories, and it's also a great way to control thunder thighs.

Resistance Band, red, arm workout, biceps, triceps
Resistance Bands: I own a few of these, but the infinity bands are my favorite, because I can use them while sitting, standing, at times even while cooking if I want to get in a quick workout. I got this eBay for about $2 and the price range for resistance bands is usually $1 - $20 depending on the style.

Ab Roller, sit ups, easy workouts, cheap equipments, pro evolution
Ab Roller: I've had this piece of equipment for about three years now, I've lent it to people, moved across the country and across states with it, and it's still holding up pretty well. Although this is for doing sit ups and crunches, I also use it to do elevated push ups, and "laying down pull up sit ups" I just invented my own workout, lol. Although I found the neck support it came with pointless, it only cost me $19.99, from walmart.com

Youtube Videos: These aren't really "equipments" per say, but they sure are the cheapest of all, you can find all sorts of workouts and challenges on there. Zuzana is definitely my favorite fitness youtuber.

water gallon, exercise, dumbbell alternative
Water Jugs/bottles: A water jug/bottle is a very inexpensive alternative to dumbbells, plus you can adjust them to the weight you want. I buy my water by the gallon from a local Giant $ store in Houston at 2/$1.09 

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