Five Habits That Are Ruining Your Natural Hair

Everybody has bad hair habits,...well almost everyone. Here are some of mine I thought I'd share with you.

Putting off deep conditioning: I am very fond of doing this, in my current regimen, I'm supposed to deep condition at least once a week and whenever I feel the need to, but I sometimes procrastinate and when I eventually do DC, my hair super tangled and matted.

Not detangling often/in sections: As of last month, I am no longer guilty of this, but before I would always try to detangle my whole hair at once, and since I could hardly get to the roots, my roots always remained extra frizzy and tangled.

Hand in hair syndrome: Everyone loves to play in their hair, especially me, and to be honest this is one of the worst habits I have, because it leads to the next bad habit, which is;

Plucking out single strand knots:  I know it's bad, and for me it creates split ends, which I then split all the way myself, but it's just my guilty pleasure. I love plucking out my single strand knots! Lol, but someday it will stop, I promise

Manipulating dry hair: I've actually cut back on this, but when I started my journey, I would do my twists on dry hair, without adding any product, or I'd detangle my hair while it was dry, but now I know better.

What are some of the bad hair habits you have?

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